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Most child support payment schedules and amounts are dictated by Indiana state statute and guidelines. Therefore, it is important to have an attorney that is intimately familiar with the Indiana State Child Support Statutes. I have extensive experience working with parents to safeguard the best interests of their children.

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The parent that does not have physical custody may be ordered to pay child support to the parent that does have physical custody of the child. Child support is based upon each parent's gross income, whether a parent pays health insurance, day care expenses, child support for children from another marriage, and whether either parent has subsequent children. The Court also calculates child support keeping in mind how often the non-custodial parent regularly visits with their child on overnight visits. Although child support is usually ordered on a weekly basis, it will more than likely be paid in accordance with the obligor's pay schedule. This is the effect of an Income Withholding Order.

Child support is terminated at the age of 19. Yet, there are exceptions: if the Court finds that the child is incapacitated, child support can be extended past his or her 19th birthday; if the Court finds that the child has turned eighteen years of age, joined the military, married or graduated high school with no plans of attending college with the ability of supporting themselves, child support can be terminated upon the Court's finding of emancipation before the child's 19th birthday.

Child support can be modified by a Court approved agreement or by Court order when there has been a substantial change of circumstances, pursuant to statute or for other reasons that your attorney may explain after consultation.

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